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Development Characteristics
The greater Kaohsiung community is widely recognized as a leader in technology and business in the Asia- Pacific region, and the College of Management at NUK stands at the forefront of this community. From both regional and global perspectives, the College of Management implements its departments based on both the industrial needs of the region and the greater global trends. The College focuses on creating innovative solutions, synergizing theory and practice, and emphasizing general education and technology to achieve the highest academic standards.

The College currently has four departments and one independent institute. She also has an International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) program which offers full-English courses. In the future, the College plans to establish a Ph.D. program and will become a major research university. In response to the Government’s life-long learning policy and commitment to giving back to local communities, the College continues to offer diversified courses, including degree programs for professionals and a continuing education program.

The College offers an EMBA (Executive Master of Business Management) program in Kin-men through which Taiwanese businessmen and government officials have the opportunity to share their business experiences and learn the theory of business administration. The free flow of experience sharing by EMBA students from Taiwan, Kinmen, and China is a unique and highly successful feature of this program. Additionally, the University has also established an IEMBA program (International Executive Master of Business Management) in Vietnam. This IEMBA program promotes research, experience sharing, and diplomacy.

► Integrate courses to improve teaching quality
► Collaborate research projects across the College
► Design and provide innovative courses for life-long learning
► Develop strategic alliances with industry through business consulting and support
► Raise the academic standards by globalization

Future Outlook
The College will continue to be a pioneering leader in management education, following the concept of “Economics rooted in Taiwan, Management insights worldwide.” With a passionate faculty and innumerable insights gained from their research, the College is well on its way to becoming a leading institution in the practice of business and management.