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Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Leisure Studies

Development Characteristics
Physical and mental health are critical and relevant topics in today’s society. In today’s fast-paced and affluent environment, personal health is of utmost importance. Sports and leisure activities play an important role in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The definition of “good health” varies and is sometimes difficult to delineate. Only with complete understanding of health can one design the best method to reach the goal.
With this in mind, the University established the first and only Kinesiology, Health, and Leisure department among public universities in Taiwan.
The goal of this department is to develop knowledge and leadership in sports science and leisure management along with communication skills and information technology. Built on a foundation of social and natural sciences, this program also draws on a broad range of disciplines to provide high-quality undergraduate education to current and future professionals.

Our vision is to integrate the specialties from the fields of kinesiology, health, and leisure studies, to promote the activity of sports and leisure behaviors, and to increase the wellness of the general public.
Our goal is to provide excellent scholarly research, teaching and outreach in educating students on two subject fields:
1.Sport instruction and planning with integration of health promotion.
2.Leisure planning and management with integration of health promotion. Postgraduate Opportunities
Postgraduate Opportunities
Advanced Degree Study
  Graduates may choose to pursue an advanced degree program.
Career Opportunities
Career opportunities include athletic trainer, sports club coach, leisure business management, tourism management, sports medicine personnel, etc.
Future Outlook
Encourage faculty and students to engage in more research projects; participate in national and international academic conferences and publications; design and establish a PhD program to become a leading center of Kinesiology, Health, and Leisure Studies in Taiwan and beyond.
Encourage faculty and students to collaborate with related industries; seek internship and career opportunities for students; develop international academic exchange opportunities.

Courses Offered

► CC: Core Compulsory Courses ► CE: Core Elective Courses ► SE: Specialized Elective Courses

Programs Kinesiology and Health Leisure and Health
Freshman   CC ► Introduction of Kinesiology, Health, and Leisure
► Human Anatomy & Physiology (1)(2)
► Environmental Health
► General Psychology
  CE ► Application of Information and Networks
► Introduction of Life Science
► Management
► Health and Aging
► Marketing
  SE ► Moto Learning
► Exercise and Healthy Life
► Introduction to Athletic Science
► Sociology
► Economics
► Leisure and Healthy Life
► Introduction to Leisure and Recreation
► Sociology of Leisure
► Adapted Physical Activity
Sophomore   CC ► Health Psychology
► Physical Fitness
► Health Food
► Health Behavioral Science
  CE ► Biostatistics
► Human Resource Management
► Safety Education and First Aid
► Consumer Health and Protection
  SE ► Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
► Management of Sport Business
► Exercise Biochemistry
► Sports Massage
► Sports Public Relations
► Weighting Training
► Physiology of Sport and Exercise
► Lab: Physiology of Sport and Exercise
► Theory of Sports Behavior
► Concepts of Human Reproductive Physiology
► Tourism
► Tourism Japanese
► Travel English
► Design and Evaluation of Recreational Activities
► Group Activities Theory and Practice
► Outdoor Recreation Management and Practice
► Ecotourism
► Introduction of MICE Industry
► Pratical Tour Planning
Junior   CC ► Health-Care for Self
► Theory and Practice of Health
  CE ► Management of Body Weight
► Health Examination and Evaluation
► Application of Behavioral Modification
► Group Dynamics
  SE ► Sport Facility Management
► Human Kinesiology
► Tennis
► Exercise Psychology
► Water Safety and Life Saving
► Fitness Clubs Management
► Manual Muscle Testing
► Exercise management for persons with disabilities
► Exercise Prescription
► Financial Management and Practice
► Interpretation and Education
► Outdoor Recreation
► Leisure Farm Management and Practice
► Recreation Impact Management and Practice
► Laws and Policies of Leisure
► Readings in Leisure Literature
► Consumer Behavior in Travel and Tourism
► Services Industry Management and Practice
Senior   CC ► Health Promotion at Community 
► Performance Assessment of Kinesiology, Health, and Leisure 
► Industry Practicum
  CE ► Travel Health
► Disease Prevention for Healthy Life 
► Research Methodology
  SE ► Exercise Prescription
► Sport Events Management and Practice
► Theory and Practice of Exercise Behavior in Edler
► Sports and Health Related English
► Health and Exercise Training
► Recreation Economics
► Globalization and Leisure Industry
► Leisure and Stress Management in Work Place
2-year   CC ► General Biology
► Introduction to Leisure & Recreation
► Leisure & Recreation Management
► Sport Psychology
► Human Anatomy
► Human Physiology
► Health Management
► Marketing Management in Leisure & Recreation
► Physiology of Sport and Exercise
► Health Evaluation & Physical Fitness Testing
► Sociology of Leisure
► Human Resource Management in Leisure & Recreation
► Human Kinesiology
► Facilities Management & Maintenance
► Exercise Prescription
► Financial Management in Leisure & Recreation
► Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
► Weighting Training
► Sport Nutrition
► Leisure Services Management
► Group Dynamics
Master   CC
Master's Thesis
Research Methods of Kinesiology, Health, and Leisure Studies
► Statistics and Data Analysis
► Special Topics on Kinesiology, Health, and Leisure

■ Remarks:
 Minimum number of credits for graduation: 148(Undergraduate); 80(2-year); 30 (Graduate)