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Department of Finance

Development Characteristics
Finance plays an important role in management sciences, which may be classified into Corporate Finance, Investment, Financial Institutions and Markets, and Financial Engineering. Our comprehensive program includes exploration of fiscal and monetary policies, development and management of securities and financial markets, corporate governance, investment decision-making and portfolio management, risk management, and international financial management.

Department of Finance is a learning-, teaching-, and research-friendly environment for our students as well as our faculty members. To keep up with the rapid change of the financial markets and global economy, we conduct high-quality financial researches and cultivate well-trained finance graduates. Furthermore, we offer consulting services to help upgrade industries in the great Kaohsiung area. Our program emphasizes on theoretical studies as well as empirical analyses, providing comprehensive courses closely linked to practical financial and economic activities.

Postgraduate Opportunities

Advanced Degree Study
  Graduates may choose to pursue an advanced degree program in Taiwan or abroad.
Career Opportunities
  Graduates may get a job in the financial markets, such as financial institutions, corporations, consulting firms, academic research departments, etc.

Future Outlook

We aim to cultivate financial professionals with a solid foundation in both theory and practice of finance. Our blueprints for future development are as follows:

Short-Term Missions (5-year Goals)
  Recruit outstanding finance instructors
  Design and launch the optimal courses to train top financial analysts
  Cultivate financial professionals equipped with academic theories and empirical practices
  Provide on-the-job training for financial experts in the Kaohsiung area
Long-Term Mission (5-10 year Goals)
  Recruit distinguished finance scholars
  Design financial training courses suitable for both academia and business
  Cultivate new finance professionals equipped with academic theories and empirical practices
  Provide on-the-job training for upper-level financial experts in the Kaohsiung area
  Support and coordinate with the university for teaching and research
  Offer a doctoral program in finance to cultivate advanced financial research and teaching talents

Courses Offered
■ Compulsory Courses

Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior   Master
Principles of Economics (1)(2)
Principles of Accounting (1)(2)
Calculus (1)(2)
Introduction to Computers (1)(2)
Principles of Management
Introduction to Civil Law
Statistics (1)(2)
Management (1)(2)
Futures and Options
Financial Institutions
and Markets
Seminar in Corporate
Seminar in Investments
International Financial
Case Study in Financial
Seminar in Financial
Seminar in Risk
Finance Theory
Financial Institutions Management
Seminar in Finance (1)(2)
Futures and Options
International Financial Management

■ Elective Courses

Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior   Master
Corporate Law
Securities Exchange Law
Banking Law
Intermediate Accounting (1)(2)
Marketing Management
Mathematical Finance
Bank Management
Fixed Income Securities
Working Capital Management
Cost Accounting
Financial Statement Analysis
Securities Analysis
Managerial Accounting
New Financial Instruments
Mutual Fund anagement
Corporate Governance
and Restructuring
Risk Management
Merger & Acquisition
Firm Valuation
Investment Banking
Behavioral Finance
Case Study in Financial Management
Financial Mathematics
Financial Statement Analysis
Corporate Governance
Corporate Finance
Asymmetric Information in Financial Markets
Financial Engineering
Financial Institutions Management
Fixed Income Securities

■ Remarks: Minimum number of credits for graduation: 130 (Undergraduate); 49 (Graduate)