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Department of Information Management

Established in Fall 2002, the Department of Information Management currently offers Bachelor of Information Management and Master of Information Management degree programs with approximate 250 full-time students. The programs are supported by eleven all Ph.D. full-time and four part-time faculty. The In-service Master of Information Management degree program will commence in Fall 2011.
Charted by the governmental mission of providing information technology and management human resources in support to Asian Pacific Trading Center, Export Processing Zone, and more recently science-based industrial parks, software development parks and others, in southern Taiwan, the department is dedicated to educating the management leaders of tomorrow while creating knowledge for industry and society.
In retrospective, the core purpose of the Department of Information Management is to educate these leaders to create value for society. Our primary goal is to become one of the most prominent information management departments in the region and in the coming years, our new strategic plan will focus on initiatives to:
Provide advanced informational technology as well as knowledge technology for both enterprises and the government to help achieve effective and efficient management;
Provide a global view of process reengineering for the development of both computerized and knowledgebased society;
Provide a research forum for the improvement of information and knowledge management, e-commerce, and information systems;
Match the government’s policy and southern Taiwan development trend for the training of specialists in the field of information and knowledge management.
Through the endeavor of our dedicated faculty, the department has been well-recognized in:
Special research areas:
e-commerce,knowledge management,intelligent
information systems;
  Expertise-on-demand teaching:
international and local scholars and experts are invited to join the lectures in the programs;
  International cooperation:
exchange and dual-degree programs with prestige institutions in USA, UK, and Japan, among others.

Shaping the Future
Academic excellence
We believe that excellence comes not from knowing the right answers but in asking the right questions. With one of the newest and best faculties in the Taiwan, our students develop not only a deeper set of skills but a broader perspective of the role of information technology and management in the world.


Collaborative community
  We believe in the value of our uniquely collaborative community and provide an abundance of leadership opportunities, team roles, clubs and cohorts to foster a culture of collaborative learning and study.
Global hub for local industry
  We believe in integrating the energy of Taiwan and around the world into our academic culture. We leverage the proximity to business and the cultural riches of South-East Asia in creative and innovative ways.


In addition to general information management courses as well as information systems, there are three main tracks in our programs: (1) information management and applications, (2) e-commerce, and (3) information systems. The information management and applications track emphasizes on how to apply information technology (IT) efficiently and how to reach IT-based solutions for problems faced by organizations. The e-commerce track emphasizes on how to design and implement a successful e-commerce business website and participate in national competitions to gain real-life experience. The information systems track emphasizes on building modern fundamental information technology skills and serves as foundation to both information management and applications as well as e-commerce tracks.


Courses Offered
■ Compulsory Courses
Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior   Master
Introduction to Computer
Accounting (1)(2)
Principles of Economics (1)(2)
Business Management
Program Design (1)
Statistics (1)
Introduction to Information
Object-Oriented Programming
Statistics (2)
Computer Networks
Data Structures
Web Pages Programming
Systems Analysis and Design
Database Management
Electronic Commerce
Management Information Systems
Project Management
Project Development (1)
Operating Systems
Operations Research
Research Method (1)(2)
Seminar (1)(2)
Information Management
Introduction to
Information Technology
Seminar (3)(4)

■ Elective Courses
Sophomore   Junior   Senior   Master
Statistics (1)(2)
Futures and Options
Financial Institutions
and Markets
Seminar in Corporate
Seminar in Investments
International Financial
Case Study in Financial Management
Seminar in Financial Institutions
Seminar in Risk Management
Information Technology and Corporate Strategy
Electronic Commerce Research
Information Retrieval
Service Quality Management in Information
Advance Network Management
Advanced Database Management
Web Consumer Behavior
Supply Chain Management and Case Study
Theories in Information Management Research
Knowledge Management Research
Knowledge Engineering
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Network Security
Information Ethics Research
Mobile Commerce Research
Case Studies in Information Management Research
Pattern Recognition
Artificial Intelligence
Text Mining
Positive Psychology Research
Machine Learning
Web Intelligence and Advanced Web Techniques