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International Executive Master of Business Administration

Development Characteristics
Over the years, many Taiwan middle- and high-level business executives have been living in Southeast Asia. The University established an International Executive Master of Business Administration (IEMBA) program in Vietnam to meet the needs of these executives. The program is designed to give Taiwan business executives the framework, experience, and knowledge necessary to address the challenges of regional economic integration and globalization. The program is committed to the following objectives:
Courses are designed with a powerful balance between theory and real world application emphasizing the importance of production and sales integration.
Up-to-date management technology and Asia-Pacific regional economic trends are incorporated into the curriculum. Executives get vital lessons in international finance, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.
The program masters Southeast Asia, Asia, and global marketing and economic development.
Diverse in expertise and perspectives, faculty and students create a dynamic and sharing environment.
The program cultivates Taiwan business executives into world-class business leaders with global vision and perspectives.
To cultivate Taiwan managers into business leaders and assist them in expanding their business outside of Vietnam by meeting the strategic needs of the industry.
To broaden the global perspectives, leadership, and knowledge for business.
To develop innovative technology and systematic integration for Taiwan businesses in Vietnam; provide solutions to business problems with regard to industry decline, investment pullout, and unemployment, etc.
Postgraduate Opportunities
Advanced Degree Study
  Graduates may continue to pursue a graduate degree in economics, finance, management, or related fields in Taiwan or abroad.
Career Opportunities
  Graduates have many options, including, but not limited to, investment banks, insurance, stock investment, international trade, manufacturing, government agencies, production, technology, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, strategic planning, human resources, or entrepreneurship.

Future Outlook
Other than cultivating Taiwan executives for overseas investments and global development, the IEMBA program is also responsible for producing high-level management leaders for the Tainan Science Park, the Kaohsiung Science Park, Kaohsiung’s Sea and Air Transportation Center, and the Multifunctional Trade Park, and emerging industries.

Courses Offered
Courses at IEMBA are taught with a powerful balance of theory and real world application through live case studies, experiential activities, and class discussions. Students need to take 13 courses of 3 credits each and complete a thesis that counts for 6 credits. A total of 45 credits is required for the MBA degree.

■ Compulsory Courses
► Special Issues on Executive Business Management ► MBA Thesis

■ Elective Courses
► Organizational Behavior and Management
► Managerial Economics
► International Business Management
► Human Resource Management
► Competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific Region
► Special Issues on International Financial and Economics Legal System
► Information Management
► Production Management
► Financial Management
► Marketing Management
► Strategic Management
► Visiting Enterprises

■ Remarks:
 Minimum number of credits for graduation: 45