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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Development Characteristics
Established in 2004, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering offers education and research programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Our mission is to provide well-educated individuals with professional skills in information technology (IT) related fields to further support the technology industries in Taiwan.

The department is currently oriented towards the development of intelligent systems, network and multimedia, and embedded system, as well as interdisciplinary research and applications that stimulate research. As a growing department, we are committed to building an intelligent computing center, developing intelligent systems using basic elements of computation theory, using computer systems as development platforms, and expanding applications on network and multimedia, and embedded systems.

The department aims to educate students based on the following three aspects so that they may become qualified professionals in the information technology.
Professional trainings in both theory and practice
  Solid mathematical and algorithmic skills
  Knowledge in computer software and hardware
  Ability of system analysis and integration implementation
Independently thinking and reasoning analysis
  Ability to perform theory derivation and data induction
  Ability to perform problem mining, analysis and solving
  Ability to be innovative and to continue learning
Humanities and team cooperation
  Having a responsible, socially and culturally aware attitude
  Having good communication and collaboration skills
  Having foreign language skills and international perspective

Postgraduate Opportunities
Advanced Degree Study
  Graduates may pursue a Master degree in electrical engineering, electronics, information engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, information management, communication engineering, etc.
Career Opportunities
  Graduates may have many opportunities in jobs, such as software engineer, database administrator, database analyst, system analyst, system administrator, web design and administration, information management, intelligent systems work, IC design, landline and wireless, multimedia, digital contents, 3C system design, etc.

Future Outlook

The Department is well equipped to provide excellent teaching and research facilities for both students and faculty members, and is on the way of becoming a leading institution in Taiwan. Current achievements include:
Establish graduate programs which provide Doctoral degree.
Set up professional laboratories, including intelligent systems laboratory, software and information system laboratory, Internet and computer system laboratory, multimedia and digital contents laboratory, and computer vision and graphics laboratory.
Initiate interdisciplinary programs with different departments within the University to meet industry requirements, providing programs include bioinformatics, software engineering, digital contents, and computer systems.

Courses Offered

The undergraduate program is designed to equip students with the basics of information technology and prepare them for graduate schools or the workplace. In general, we offer basic courses for freshmen and sophomore, and many elective courses for juniors and seniors. The departmental elective courses are divided into different tracks: core or non-core. For core electives, students must choose one track and take at least three courses in it, and at least two core courses in other tracks. Moreover, students must take at least four non-core elective courses not included in any track. Finally, students must complete a project before graduation.

■ Compulsory Courses
Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior
► Introduction to Computer Science
► C Programming
► Calculus (1)(2)
► Discrete Mathematics
► Linear Algebra
► Intro to Digital Systems
► Object-Oriented Programming
; ► Data Structure
► Probability
► Digital Circuits
► Computer Networks
► Engineering Mathematics
► Assembly Language and System Programming
► Digital Circuits Lab
► Digital Systems Lab
  ► Database Systems
► Software Engineering
► Operating Systems
► Computer Organization
► Computer Algorithms
► Programming Languages
► Special Topics (1)
  ► Special Topics (2)
► Seminar (1)(2)
Master   In-service Master
► Seminar (1)(2)(3)(4)
► Special Topics Studies (1)(2)(3)(4)
► Advanced Algorithm
► Advanced Computer Network
► Computer Architecture
  ► Thesis
► Seminar (1)(2)(3)(4)